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Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Fan Art

Hello. My name is Daniel Ripley. Im a 3D artist from the UK and my main focus is on Human Anatomy and teaching 3d modelling and digital sculpting.

Here is my fan art version of Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones. Iv been working on him on and off over last two weeks mainly at night. He was modelled in C4D including some sculpting along with Zbrush for the very higher frequency work. Minor Photoshop Post, Rendered with Vray4C4D 3.5. XYZ Textures/ alphas and Full face textures used in Photoshop and Zbrush.

Daniel ripley artstation tyrion lannister final

Tyrion Lannister Fan Art-Healed Scars-2018 updated

Daniel ripley tyrian lanister v5 1hr 42m 16bit post2

Tyrion Lannister Fan Art

Daniel ripley wires overlay

Tyrion Lannister-Wire

Daniel ripley ao

Tyrion Lannister-AO

Daniel ripley 9 hair passes

Tyrion Lannister-Hair layers

Daniel ripley wires

Tyrion Lannister-Wires

Daniel ripley layers

Zbrush Layers For More Control

Daniel ripley cavity mask fillzbc

Using Skin Pores For Diffuse Map

Daniel ripley photoshop comping

Comping In Photoshop

Tyrion Lannister Making of, In Depth walk through